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日期:2021-09-05 08:22:58

Nowadays, no matter where you get around in a city or even in the countryside, it is pretty easy for you to find one or two signs introducing a product. This has been increasingly becoming popular in our daily lives. Whether the influence of advertising is good or bad could be examined as follows.
We will start by talking about the merits of advertising. Firstly, advertising is informative, which provides the customers with a quick access to the product needed. Take me as an example. I am a new resident of Guangzhou, a metropolitan city located in the south of China. At the very beginning when moving to this city, I did not have a clue about where to purchase all of the necessities for my newly-bought flat. Thanks to the ads on TV and in newspapers, amazingly almost all of the items ranging from furniture to household appliances were settled within a week. Secondly, consumers can expect to have a best price by comparing and contrasting the prices and specifications of the commodity advertised by different suppliers.
However, advertising involves some defects and I would like to list two of them herein. Initially, the popularity of advertisements has been growing along with the increased layout of design as well as showing up in the marketplace more frequently. The cost will definitely be passed on to the customers. Furthermore, the generation Y would probably lose their individuality because many of them buy the same goods advertised constantly in media during a certain period of time, which makes them appear alike.
After the above analysis of the pros and cons, I tend to be in favor of the positive effects. Undoubtedly, nothing is more important than living in a society where ordinary people can enjoy the conveniences and competitive prices brought by commercials. I believe that the negative effects can be minimized through sustainable economic growth and education.
My father is a doctor and he likes his work very much. He is forty years old .He is tall and strong. He goes to work by bus every day. In his free time he often listen to music or play basketball. Every evening he always reads newspapers . He is strict with me but he is kind to me . He often tells stories to me or takes me to the cinema. My father is friendly to others. So we all like him

Important Notice:
Actor: Junior, Second and Third Year students of English Department
Time: 8pm, Friday, 15th July

Venue: school hall
Entry Access: please pick up the free ticket at office building Room 208.
Look forward welcoming you all then!



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